Save Time and Money in a Sustainable Kitchen

14 Dec Save Time and Money in a Sustainable Kitchen

Last month, I tackled an important myth about local, scratch-cooked food — that making it costs more money (it doesn’t). Today, I’d like to address another myth — that preparing this kind of food requires more time and more labor.

Again, this just isn’t true.

In reality, nutritious, locally sourced, scratch-cooked food is easier to make than you may think. When you take a hard look at the inefficiencies that are likely already bogging down your kitchen, you will uncover plenty of time that you can instead use to make wholesome, profitable and delicious meals from scratch.

In my experience, clients’ problem areas typically range from seemingly insignificant details to bigger, structural issues.

For example, we can help you regain the hours to make scratch-cooked food by streamlining your current food production methods and eliminating precious time lost from chasing down ingredients haphazardly. With all your prep work completed before cooking even begins, you can recoup significant time savings.

Sometimes the problems are the details — like the minutes misspent unnecessarily placing fruit in cups instead of directly on serving trays, for example.

And let’s not overlook the problems caused by menus with too many options. You may assume such variety is necessary to keep your customers happy — but we at Beyond Green Partners have found that this is usually not the case. What customers really want is delicious food — and no amount of options can change that. Plus, all that needless variety creates extra work and contributes to waste. We advocate for cooking just a few core meals at once that resonate with your customers. When you operate this way, you can get much more value from your ingredients, waste less and save time and money.

These are just a few examples of ways we have helped our customers recover hours lost from existing inefficiencies, which they have turned into the time needed to cook food from scratch. As a result, they have cooked wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals, which led them to skyrocketing sales.

To learn more about our time-saving methods, reach out to us at , or check out our services here.

We at Beyond Green Partners wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season, hopefully filled with more scratch cooked meals than usual!

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