Dreaming a New Dream for School Food

Chef Greg Christian and his featured colleagues are building cafeteria models that work for everyone and everything. Greg will walk you through the steps to creating a scratch cooking model in an institutional kitchen. His inclusive process develops relationships with the farmers that produce fresh ingredients, meets USDA regulations, and balances a kitchen’s bottom line. By the end, you’ll see how close partnerships, trust, and teamwork can change the broken system of mass-producing school lunches. This book is your road map down a path of great change. It will take courage and involve risks, but in the end, you will know how to build a high-efficiency kitchen that produces high quality meals without taking a toll on the environment or the staff that dedicate their lives to feeding our country’s young people. One cafeteria at a time, we are dreaming a new dream.


Scratch contributors are Karen Dittrich, Leslie Johnson, and Melanie Smythe, with a foreword by Chef Ann Cooper.

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