Grow. Teach. Feed.

The Grow.Teach.Feed. model was developed by the Organic School Project (OSP), a non-profit organization founded by Chef Greg Christian, and was written into manual form for schools to purchase and use. These proprietary materials provide support for garden implementation and age appropriate year-round curriculum around food and nutrition.

The Grow.Teach.Feed. model is based on three tenets:

  1. Give children an opportunity to grow food.
  2. Help children learn about food and healthy food choices in engaging ways.
  3. Provide healthier choices in school meals.

The Grow.Teach. Feed. manuals were written in conjunction with OSP’s six-year experience in Chicago Public Schools, during which OSP put in 10 school based gardens, ran 7 summer programs and trained 200 teachers and cafeteria staff.

Lesson plans in the Teach manual include:

Media Literacy

Making Healthy Choices

The Journey of your Food

Stress and your Body & Mind

Your Earth

Cooking & Tasting

Lesson plans in the Grow manual include:


Gardening and Nutrition

Gardening, Environment and Food Systems

Gardening, Cooking and Tasting

The Feed manual includes:

Feeding guidelines and more than 200 healthy recipes for schools Ingredient and Product Reference (origin, how its grown, where its grown, fun fact, long life storage, cooking tricks & tips)

Regional Growing Strategies

Intro for Chefs (purpose of book, purchasing local food, fresh herbs, olive oil, whole grain, etc.)

Healthy Cafeteria Recipes (breakfast, lunch, meatless lunch, sides, snacks, and dressings)

OSP’s Food Policy (ideal policy to be reached by foodservice over the course of 5-10 years)

Resources for foodservice

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