Frequently Asked Questions

What year was Beyond Green Partners founded?



What form of business is Beyond Green Partners?

Beyond Green Partners is a Certified B Corporation. We are a for-profit business with third-party verification for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


How many people does Beyond Green Partners employ?

Between 20 and 40 full time, part time, and independent contractors work on our team.


Have you had success in working with entire school districts or hospital systems? Single institutions? Independent institutions? Public institutions? Rural? Urban? Vulnerable populations? High performance? Specific cultures? Same gender? Preschool ages? Senior ages?

Yes. We work with all types of institutions. Our core model and methodology cross any type of institution. We listen to your goals and your stakeholders to help you develop and manage your plan. Read more about our collaborative successes.


How do you know scratch cooking local food under budget works?

We practice what we teach. Our food service company provides Chicago area pre-schools with fresh, scratch-cooked and locally-sourced foods that kids love. We operate at maximum efficiency in a zero-waste kitchen. Call us to see the operation in action and learn more about how we keep our expenses low and quality high. Typical institutions waste 40% or more of their food. We help you uncover the money to cook local food from scratch under budget in the garbage can and through kitchen efficiencies.


How do I know if we have the equipment and space needed to cook from scratch?

We help you create a menu for the space and equipment you have, and we work with you to progress towards a mission driven program that meets your goals.


How do we find out if we are a good fit to work together? We are considering a switch in our food service contract. How can you help? We are considering a switch to self-operating. How can you help?

Call us at 312-275-6801. We begin with an on-site assessment where we observe your operations and meet with your stakeholders to shed light on your best path forward. Then we can work with you to develop a vision and strategy, implement the strategy, and finally, conduct third-party monitoring.