Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners is a foodservice consulting company that helps clients become more sustainable and health conscious in their operations. Our services reduce your operational costs (yes, we really save you money!) by uncovering wasted labor and product. Our services increase fresh, nutritious ingredients from local farmers by focusing on cooking from scratch to create menus customers love. Our services build a stronger, more engaged community with education at the core of connecting the people and places. And our services transform the system by listening and elevating the collective dreams of everyone at the table. We call our services Mindful Feeding.

Our Consulting Model

Our programs are based on evolution, not revolution, and we work closely with clients to transition smoothly and comfortably into new ways of operating. We work with institutions to help build the necessary stakeholder relationships that impact the success of sustainability programs. Our holistic model integrates organizational change with planning, outreach, and education to engage everyone from administrators to consumers. We can customize services to fit your needs.


Assess your current operations.

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Vision and Strategy Development

Develop shared visions and goals.

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Implementation and Scratch Cooking

Establish a scratch cooking method.

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Training and Leadership

Develop or fine-tune staff skills.

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Third-Party Monitoring

Ensure and measure expectations.

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Kitchen Design

We handle designs big or small.

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Marketing and Communications

Deliver innovative marketing strategies.

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Mindful Feeding

Influence. Inspire. Contribute.

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On-Site Recipe Development

Develop locally sourced seasonal menus.

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