Mindful Feeding™

What does Mindful Feeding™ consultative services mean?


Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners (BGP) has performed Mindful Feeding consultative services in institutional kitchens across the continent since 2008. Beyond Green’s Mindful Feeding program serves fabulous locally sourced, scratch-cooked food under budget that kids eat.


Mindful Feeding converges what the customers want to eat, what the cooks want to make, with what the farmers have available. In the alignment of these three components, delicious nutrient dense food grown and cooked with love emerges.


Through listening and engagement, kids’ hearts and minds open to trying new foods and eating healthy. A young child wrote us a note for helping to bring a scratch-cooked, community food-based program to her school saying, “Thanks for listening to us.” When we feel heard, we feel more complete. We become a part of the world and a part of the solutions to today’s complex problems.


The practice of Mindful Feeding consultation influences the health of humanity and the planet, inspires eaters to become their best selves, erases the invisible lines of separation placed in our minds, and contributes to a world that works for everyone.

Our Consulting Model

Our programs are based on evolution, not revolution, and we work closely with clients to transition smoothly and comfortably into new ways of operating. We work with institutions to help build the necessary stakeholder relationships that impact the success of sustainability programs. Our holistic model integrates organizational change with planning, outreach, and education to engage everyone from administrators to consumers. We can customize services to fit your needs.

Premises of Mindful Feeding™

  1. listen deeply and authentically without preconceived ideas
  2. give those you are feeding a voice by asking questions and engaging eaters in the processes of growing and cooking food, meeting farmers, taste testing, meal planning, shopping, and food education
  3. discover the origins of your food
  4. remember what food provides growing bodies and feed with your heart and your mind every time
  5. practice cooking to make healthy food taste good
  6. hold the vision and keep moving forward when obstacles may arise
  7. have fun
  8. develop personal mastery in all you do
  9. forgive the current food system to move forward