Vision and Strategy Development

We guide you in developing a shared vision by bringing stakeholders together to discuss what works and doesn’t work about your current foodservice program. Additionally, the visioning sessions set the context for where we are headed in your establishment. Meanwhile, we assist you in outlining the strategy plan to reach your vision with year-by-year benchmarks of incremental improvement. Goals can include scratch cooking, local procurement, customer satisfaction, staff training, and cost-neutral. Other goals might focus on reducing waste, energy, water, and disposables while increasing education, engagement, participation, and fresh food.

Our Consulting Model

Our programs are based on evolution, not revolution, and we work closely with clients to transition smoothly and comfortably into new ways of operating. We work with institutions to help build the necessary stakeholder relationships that impact the success of sustainability programs. Our holistic model integrates organizational change with planning, outreach, and education to engage everyone from administrators to consumers. We can customize services to fit your needs.