Health is Our Priority

18 May Health is Our Priority

While the introduction of COVID-19 changed our ways of doing business,  our commitment to the well-being of the people we serve remains. Also steadfast and unwavering is our commitment to sourcing clean food and cook 100% from scratch. A minimum of 50% of ingredients continue to be local, organic, or sustainable grown. Establishing palates for nutrient dense food at a young age to form lifelong healthy habits is more important than ever.

We’re proud to be feeding the preschools of several Chicagoland hospitals and recognize the need for the highest level of safety possible. We have instituted several precautions to ensure the safety of our staff  in the kitchen as well as the staff and children at the schools we serve.

First, we continue to meet all regulations from the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. We are up to date on our sanitation certifications. Hand washing has always been and continues to be a prominent part of each staff member’s day.

Per the most recent iteration of the Stay at Home Order, Beyond Green Partners is providing masks for all staff and requiring they be worn at work at all times. Upon arrival at the kitchen, each staff member has their temperature taken and answers a series of health questions concerning common symptoms put out by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Regardless of COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders, the daily temping of each employee every day has become our standing policy.

At the start of each day we bleach all door handles and surfaces in both the office and kitchen. When we reinstate our second shift we will bleach between shifts. We are bleaching the hard surfaces in our delivery vans as well as our Cambros daily. Gloves and masks are worn on all deliveries to schools and when we have to shop in stores.

We now require all of our deliveries to the kitchen be contact-less and have closed our kitchen and office to all outside visitors/guests. We have reduced the number of staff in our facility and will reinstate shifts as we bring people back so that we limit the number of people here at any given time.

We know these are trying times and we have decided to use the coming weeks to focus on some positive updates to our business. We will be using our staff to repaint and reorganize the kitchen and office and our chef is working on recipe development of new lunch items that we will have on the menu by the time you are back in full swing!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding our current safety measures.

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