Mexican Lasagna Beef Sauce Recipe

14 Oct Mexican Lasagna Beef Sauce Recipe

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A Beyond Green Partners favorite from our Chicago school food service company! We work with institutions to build menus based on what kids at the school or patients at the hospital want to eat, what the cooks want to make, and what local farmers have available. The menus end up reflecting the culture, environment, and sense of the place.
Before something new goes on the menu, we taste test the item with the customers (kids love to realize they are customers!). Then, if the customers approve, we test the recipe to measure nutritionals and get portion sizes exact.
When the customer has a voice in developing the menu, they are more likely to eat the nutrition provided and less likely to fill garbage cans with school food. We asked students at Lincoln Elementary School District what they would do to get their friends to eat the school lunch. One student responded, “Like Lincoln 27 & Beyond. Ask the kids what they want to eat and then put it on the menu.” Simple as that! #lincoln27andbeyond

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