About Us

About Beyond Green Partners

Beyond Green Partners is a consulting firm committed to developing a healthy, prosperous food system by implementing affordable, sustainable changes in institutional kitchens. We promote scratch-cooked foods, local sourcing, and zero-waste. Our model and services have been developed to provide sustainable food systems for our clients that save time and money, decrease labor costs, reduce ecological footprints, support local vendors and farmers, and promote social responsibility. Our cost effective programs offer customizable and measurable strategies, third party monitoring, and are built to work within and improve upon the existing foodservice system. We are proud to have Beyond Green recognized as a B Corporation and USGBC Education Partner.

With years of real-life experience, Beyond Green Partners helps clients in areas such as:

Creating zero waste kitchens

Improving kitchen efficiency

Scratch cooking

Recipe development

Environmental policies

Third-party monitoring systems

About Greg

Greg founded Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners in 2011 after owning and operating a catering business for 17 years and working in restaurants alongside esteemed chefs such as John Terczak and Michael Short. When a long path of doctors led to organic, sustainable food to heal his daughter’s severe health issues, Greg began dedicating his life to supporting institutions make and serve fabulous food that people want to eat while serving the environment and community, and operating under budget.
Chef Greg discovered that it requires a daily practice to figure out how to serve fabulous food that makes customers happy while serving the environment and the community while operating under budget. From this learning, the concept of Mindful Feeding™ emerged.

About Beyond Green Partners

In the office, kitchen and behind the scenes, the staff at Beyond Green Partners are here for you.

Greg Christian, Founder and CEO

Heidi Ames, Partner Manager

Marnie Record, Principal

Josephine Lauer Washuk, Chef Trainer Manager