Video: Self-assess your cafeteria

27 May Video: Self-assess your cafeteria

How to increase the quality of food in your school cafeteria may be unclear, but there are a few places to start in understanding what impacts your dining hall. Beyond Green has put together a short video to help you self-assess what your program looks like today.


It may be a challenge to define certain things. For example, we suggest looking at receipts to understand the amount of fresh to processed foods being purchased, but you may not recognize each line item’s abbreviation or meaning. This is just a start. It is intended to help you begin formulating a well-rounded view of what is happening in your cafeteria and what you might like to change.
Starting with simple measurements will help identify the tangible outcomes of your programs, but you will later want to consider how equipment, design, and menus are also impacting quality.


Reach out with any questions and use this worksheet as a place to keep notes.


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