Start over with your health

02 Apr Start over with your health

A healthy diet is an indispensable part of a strong immune system, which we’re all in need of — especially now.

A regular diet of nutritious, scratch-cooked food not only builds mental and physical strength but can be fun for the whole family.

We acknowledge that it isn’t easy to just up and change your lifestyle. Many of us were raised on TV dinners, and our eating habits evolved from there. As we grew, so many of us never seemed to have the time to cook from scratch. At school, our children have been regularly served pre-packaged, highly processed meals. And now, here we are — in the midst of a pandemic that forces us to cook most of the food we and our families eat.

Managing this kind of uncertainty is what we at Beyond Green Partners do best. Our work centers around showing non-cooks how to lead teams through change as they learn how to scratch-cook healthy food that kids, the world’s pickiest customers, love.

Perhaps you feel like that non-cook at the moment, responsible for leading your household through ambiguity. Maybe you’re just trying to keep it together while you struggle to meal plan, or maybe you’re scratching your head over a pantry full of canned goods and children who won’t eat their vegetables.

Changing kids’ palettes is difficult but essential work. We’ve found that it’s best to do this gradually — don’t go from junk food to organic quinoa patties. This kind of transition takes time. Try starting with healthier versions of foods that are familiar to your kids. This builds trust. Then, gradually start serving more nutritious, new foods if you can. Check out our recipes, which have all been designed with kids’ input, for ideas. Follow us on Facebook for family friendly recipes and videos such as chicken enchiladas, breakfast pizza, and beef and broccoli made by our own staff with their family as we develop school meals for Lincoln Elementary School District 27. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions in the process.

This pandemic is deeply challenging for us all. Even so, it presents a real opportunity to change our health for the better. This is a rare moment to start cooking from scratch on a regular basis, which can improve our eating habits and, more importantly, the eating habits of our kids. They will carry these habits with them for their entire lives.

Now is a critical time to step in and change. We’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.

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