MMI Preparatory School

MMI Preparatory School Assessment, vision; initiated from leadership who wanted kids to eat the food instead of leaving campus to go into town to eat fast food; switched from using a small caterer to hiring a team and setting up the kitchen with equipment; went from selling 20 lunches a day to 120 lunches a day at a 220 student population

“Greg and his Beyond Green team were an invaluable asset as we converted our school lunch program from a concession program to one with healthy, scratched cooked food.  Throughout the transition, the Beyond Green team was focused on our goals for the program while working with us to ensure we considered everything required for a smooth transition and successful program.  Greg personally worked with our chef on menus, which excited our students.  Through their support, we now have a well-run, bankable food service program that our students enjoy and our parents are proud of.”

– Thomas G. Hood, Head of School, MMI Preparatory School