Granola Crumbles Recipe

14 Jan Granola Crumbles Recipe

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What happens when a hospital and school district team up to improve the health of their community? For one, excited kids ask what’s on the menu every morning. Lincoln 27 and Beyond, a partnership between Lincoln Elementary School District and Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Community Health Collaborative, are looking to become the healthiest county in the country.
With guidance from Beyond Green Partners, at the end of the first semester the program reached a rate of 60% scratch-cooked breakfast and lunch meals with 45% preferred foods and 13% local foods. Preferred foods consist of fresh and sustainable ingredients. Program savings come from measured reductions of waste, both what students throw away and what cooks prepare, as well as kitchen operating efficiencies.
Building palates for healthy food and serving nutrient dense food sets students up for a lifetime of wins. We asked students at Lincoln Elementary School District what they would do to get their friends to eat the school lunch. One student responded, “Like Lincoln 27 & Beyond. Ask the kids what they want to eat and then put it on the menu.” Simple as that! #lincoln27andbeyond

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