Chicken Tenders Recipe

16 Dec Chicken Tenders Recipe

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A Beyond Green Partners favorite from our Chicago school food service company! Before something new goes on the menu, we taste test the item with the customers (kids love to realize they are customers!). Then, if the customers approve, we test the recipe to measure nutritionals and get portion sizes exact.

Using 100% breast meat cut into strips the day before, we set up a three step breading station with seasoned flour (onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper), egg wash and breadcrumbs. Students touring the kitchen at Central school participated in an impromptu math lesson to determine how many strips were needed for all the students in the school. Once they calculated the number of chicken tenders needed, the kids were even more impressed with the cooks!
Building palates for healthy food and serving nutrient dense food sets students up for a lifetime of wins. We asked students at Lincoln Elementary School District what they would do to get their friends to eat the school lunch. One student responded, “Like Lincoln 27 & Beyond. Ask the kids what they want to eat and then put it on the menu.” Simple as that! #lincoln27andbeyond

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